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Hard Time for Celebrities


Care or Corruption?



Do the zookeepers tell us the whole story? Shocking developments in the world of animal welfare in zoos have led to world concerns; a chimp captivated in a zoo in Ürümqi, Western China has been caught smoking cigarettes – even 2 at once !

It raises queries to whether the animal conditions in zoos are beneficial or life-impairing; do zookeepers live to up to the expectations that their excessive advertising gives the impression of?

There have been many protests and explorations of animal cruelty in zoos around the world, and debates on whether drug testing should be permitted to continue. So it’s no wonder that this is a concern for many people.

But zoos do benefit most of the animals in their care such as keeper’s hand raising animals from lions to fruit bats in their own houses, giving the animals all the health checks and all the nutrition that they need.

No matter how much good or bad we hear about we probably never find out about what really happens behind the scenes in a zoo.