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March 22, 2013

thumbs up

What went well:

  • “it was a great experience”
  • “I liked working in groups”
  • “all of us had good roles”
  • “roles connected to the real life jobs of the BBC News team”
  • “we worked together and learned from each other”
  • “we cooperated well and did all our jobs properly”
  • “everyone did their work independently”
  • “the teamwork was brilliant”
  • “communication”
  • “we didn’t argue”
  • “we helped each other”
  • “we judged situations well”
  • “the responsibility we were given”
  • “we were given a schedule and left to our own devices”
  • “it made us manage time better”
  • “we kept to the time level”
  • “we were sensible at all times”
  • “I loved the experience”
  • “we all had a great experience… gained new skills”
  • “got to feel what it’s like to work in a real life news place”
  • “I would definately do this again if I had the opportunity”
  • “I got to do the job I wanted and did it well”
  • “it took us a while to get going however… we started to work quite fast”
  • “we had to have a couple of goes… but in the end it was a decent video”
  • “I love working with media and computers”
  • “it was quite fun”
  • “everyone loved it”
  • “quality of work, we had fun, we worked hard”
  • “we were using skills we had been learning in the past term”
  • “freedom to write any story we wanted”
  • “it was a challenge”
  • “we had to do 5 takes to get the first part but after that…”
  • “the extended lesson and the amount of work”
  • “able to research stories and create a report for our own story”
  • “researching education in developing countries… I learned a lot”
  • “given a timetable for the allocated times for the different tasks we needed to fulfull”
  • “able to use filming skills like zooming, fading and animation”
  • “good language and structured writing”
  • “spoke clearly and eye contact was good”
  • “we produced a good video”
  • “using the technology”
  • “the technology worked well”
  • “taking part in a big event and partnering with the BBC”
  • “share it online”
  • “we got to publish our headlines”
  • “we got badges and pens”

Even better if:

  • “we had more time to edit our video”
  • “we could have gone over everything to check the stories and videos before they were published”
  • “could have edited the whole thing a bit more”
  • “I knew more about the technology”
  • “I got to do some of the videoing”
  • “more cameras”
  • “more people involved”
  • “we had access to another room (for filming)”
  • “more than one teacher involved”
  • “we did the report perfectly, our video had no mistakes”
  • “small errors were corrected”
  • “we could do it again”
  • “we had short breaks”
  • “we just got on with it at the start”
  • “editor kept everyone on task”
  • “more support from the editor of our group”
  • “other people in the group helped more”
  • “I got to pick my own group”
  • “we had a fall-0ut which prevented us from progressing… I would love to do it again”
  • “we had a practice version of the story”
  • “we spent more time on the main article instead of messing around with small bits too much”
  • “we kept to our own jobs a bit more”
  • “more time to really develop our stories”
  • “we had all day”
  • “I did more research”
  • “it was all great”
  • “I enjoyed every little bit of that day”

“Yesterday was definately eventful. We had some struggles – like the equipment playing up. But, at the end of the day we pulled through with the product and managed to produce a decent report as well as a structured video. WWW – we worked together as a group, everybody stuck to their roles and carried on with their work, despite minor arguments. I managed to control the group along with help from them and sometimes my group had to help me. EBI – It took us multiple takes and probably longer than it should of. The computer was also preventing our download. The upload site and Youtube weren’t accepting our format that we saved our video in. So using some technological trickery we managed to avoid losing our work and not being able to upload it.” Adam P.

“WWW – I think it was a brilliant day. The story we did was great and the filming, acting and research was so much fun. We worked well in groups, creating work and it was ‘non-copy writed enjoyment’ – even running around the school as reporters. EBI – We could have more time, all work in a big group and have more cameras. I would also have liked to have another classroom to use as a studio like we were actually presenters.” Lewis C

“WWW – finding the information for our stories and chosing between what was opinion and fact and when writing we chose only things from a trusted source. This utilised the skills we had been learning in past term showing our strengths and weaknesses in this subject. One of the main skills we used was speaking and listening – the different interactions between the different members of the team, the researcher telling the writer the info they needed for the story and the writer showing his work to people in multimedia who would pick out the main info and compress it into a script short enough for our video without losing any key info. After this we could view what we had created and share it online. EBI – even though we had been prepared for it, it would have been better if we chose the story we were going to do from the beginning instead of changing it when it came to the big day. If we also had a practice version of it we could see what the problems with our stories could be so we could work on it” Francis


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