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8P with the BBC

March 22, 2013

groupBy Ms Simmonds

Thursday, March 21 had been highlighted in our diaries for several weeks. We were all nervous as it was our first time participating in the national BBC School Report project and no one knew what to expect.

Good ole Aunty Beeb had provided lots of resources and advice on how to manage the day which kicked off with a review of the legal and moral obligations of journalism. The boys were directed into groups where they chose their roles for the day; they needed an editor, a researcher, an online story writer, a video script writer and a multimedia editor to put the moving image broadcast together. They were given a schedule for the morning and from that point on, they were on their own.

Acting purely as facilitator, I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and maturity with which they took up the mantle. All the boys demonstrated how independently they can manage themselves. In their groups they selected from the day’s newspapers and online news, which stories they would cover before discussing various possible points of view for each story.  Persuasive pitches were made by the editors, where the point of view of one or two stories had to be revised to take into account legal and moral issues. The editors then returned to brief their teams. In the meantime, the teams had been engaging in some independent learning sessions, developing skills for their individual roles, using the BBC video tutorials.

Collaboration, curation and conversation within and between groups created an exciting buzz as students communicated with and learned from each other. Articles and scripts were written and videos were created. Students proof-read each other’s work, critical observations were politely made and well received and final edits were willingly undertaken. The culmination of all this wonderful activity can be seen at

What a fantastic experience.  Gee, some days (no… not all days), I just feel so privileged to work with these boys and to them, I would like to say THANK YOU!


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