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Prying Press Put Pressure on Celebrities

March 21, 2013

harrymAs the media persist on making stories to entertain, is it fair that the words of celebrities are misrepresented for the entertainment of the public?
Most celebrities have the attention of the media for a short period of time. The most recent incident was between Rowan Atkinson and a close member of his family; after Rowan’s 6 minute money raising act for Comic Relief (where he was acting as the Archbishop of Canterbury), a family member stated that the act was ‘appalling’ and the language was ‘crude and pathetic’. Now, Rowan is being criticised by the press.
However, some celebrity’s lives have been hounded by the media for most of their lives; Princess Diana is one of the celebrities whose lives have been severely affected. All of her life, her privacy was being invaded, everywhere she went the media would have been there, trying to catch a glimpse of her and flood her with questions about her private life. Is Kate Middleton next?
Lance Armstrong’s life was massively affected by the media; he took drugs to enhance his performance in cycling and the media released the stories about the drugs he took, which caused him to retire while there was a US federal investigation into doping allegations. However was he pressured into taking the drugs, to keep up to the standards that the media set for him?


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