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Is It a big miss-steak to eat fast food?

March 21, 2013

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No exercise, no excitement, no excuse!

By Oliver, Sam H, Luke, Robbie and Rhys

Is fast food killing children’s childhoods? Well a recent survey shows that 19% of boys and 22% of girls in the UK will turn obese by the age of 15 and not to mention the thousands of fast food outlets just minutes away from our houses.

Fast food restaurants have been around for the past 100 years, but only recently have we discovered it has been dramatically effecting children’s lives because there is not only too many fast food restaurants around the UK but so many gadgets and consoles that stop children from exercising, which is why so many children are obese. Being obese as a child stops you from doing a lot of things, for example it destroys self-esteem, stops exercise and prevents them from having a healthy and active life style.

However fast food restaurants always the ones to blame but a lot of the time it’s the parents and guardians of the modern day child, this is because fast food restaurants are generally for treats and not to be eaten regularly. So who’s to blame when a child is taken to eat fast food five times a week? The parents! Modern children have been born into a society full of fast food, game consoles and television and these things can be unavoidable at times, but can these take all the blame. Or is some of it the adults fault?

Obesity in the UK is becoming a national epidemic the number of overweight people in the UK has reached maximum high. Now every 1 in 11 deaths is caused by excess fat 50% higher than France.

We interviewed Luke a William Parker student he said “Obesity is down to the parents allowing their kids to fall victim to modern society” another student said “Fast food is to blame there is too much of it and too little of the good food” With billions of junk food sold every year no wonder children in this day and age are obese. Obesity causes millions of deaths, so when will we start taking action against it, for more information go to


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