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Children Cheer as Track Saved

March 21, 2013


-But what next?

By Harry H, Lewis C and Ryan

William Parker Sports College has recently had its Track saved by funding from East Sussex County Council.

The London 2012 Olympic Games Legacy was a once in a lifetime experience that has inspired kids to participate in sports, so funding schools like William Parker that have these facilities is crucial. This school was fortunate that its track was saved by some funding from East Sussex County Council and others. A total of £120,000 was raised to save the track and add and improve facilities. These changes would give the track a brighter future, or at least the next 10 -15 years. The hope is that this development will also bring in money so the next time things need updating then the job will be much easier.

The track caretaker, Mr Evans, told us what happened in the process of saving the track: ‘To get enough money to save the track took a lot of effort and help from organizations such the county council, the school governors and the Hastings Association. However, we were always confident that we would get the funding we needed to keep hold of an extremely important facility for the local area. With the money we will be able to bring in features such as toilets, new changing rooms and the resurfacing of the track.’

The future, then, seems good for the people who use this iconic facility, not just to train but also to keep fit. For the people who live in Hastings this is a vital victory as they continue to use the only full size running track for miles around. Who knows, the next big Olympic star could be training on this very track.


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